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Download a PDF of our current schedule. Please note that this is our general schedule, but it may vary at times. Always refer to the schedule on Punchpass for the latest class updates. If there’s a class you would like to see us have, let us know!

Students need to sign up for class at least 2 hours prior to class start time, to allow our instructors time to prepare and get to class. If there are no sign ups for class, the instructor may not be there.

If you'd like to pay cash to register for class, send us an email at least 2 hours prior to class start time at to let us know you will be attending.

In case you need to cancel a class you've scheduled, you'll need to cancel at least 2 hours prior to start time to reclaim your class credit.

Let us know if you have any questions <3 See you in class!


Attend our weekly open studio times to practice amongst other like-minded dancers. Each 60 minute session is capped at 7 and dancers can share the large and small rooms for practice.

If it's your first time near a pole, this class is for you. In 60 minutes, you will learn all about pole fitness, safety, hand grips, and more. We will start with a warmup that will go through the range of motion of all your joints, and then get you moving with the pole, introducing some basic movements that will prepare you for our Level 1/2 Pole and other All Levels Classes. Wear leggings or shorts and a comfortable top — something that allows you to move, and bring and open mind! :)

These 75 minute classes are separated for beginner to advanced level pole dancers. Classes begin with a warmup, followed by skills and technique. Class ends with conditioning and stretches.

Here's how to interpret which level to take:

Level 1 If you have taken Intro to Pole and you need to learn the foundational moves on the static pole.

Level 2 This level is for polers who have just started inverting on a pole, and will include training on static and spin pole.

Level 3 For intermediate pole dancers who are comfortable upside down on both spin and static pole.

Level 4 Advanced pole dancers who are comfortable upside down, way up high, and have some dynamic moves on the pole.

This 75 minute pole class is open to all levels. Class will begin with an energizing warmup followed by skills catering to each individual's level. Combinations on and off the pole may be incorporated, and class will end with conditioning and stretches.

Want a workout using the pole? This 75 minute class is for you! A full body workout using your own body weight and conditioning exercises on and off the pole. Build strength you can use in your other classes. Open to all levels!

Pole combos class works on linking tricks together with seamless transitions. Every month, we work on a new static pole and a new spin pole combo, building up enough strength, stamina, and grace to eventually combine the two combos together as a dance. Feel free to join in at any point during the month to learn the combos. This class is open to anyone comfortable with climbs.

This 90 minute class will take you on a journey through your muscles through a serious of active flexibility exercises preparing you for splits and back bends that will help your pole practice, as well as help to prevent injuries. Open to all levels! Bring a yoga mat if you have one, wear comfortable clothes to stretch in, and have bare feet.

This 75 minute class is run like a ballet class, including barre warmup at the pole, and students will learn ballet combinations that use the pole as a dance partner. Pole attire and ballet slippers work best for this class, and students must be able to climb the pole and feel comfortable doing Level 1 tricks to take this class.

Learn the sexy side of pole in these 75 minute class where we break down exotic movements like walking in heels, sexy pole moves, and floor work while building a simple, seductive bit of choreography. Choose Exotic Pole Class for smooth, sensual dance and try Russian Exotic for more technique and tricks. Students must be able to climb the pole and feel comfortable doing Level 1 tricks to take this class. Bring heels if you like, and wear something that makes you feels sexy.

Take your practice upside down with our inversions class. This 75 minute class will warm you up, condition your body for inversions, and then test your strength and endurance through different upside-down moves on the wall, doorway, pole, and eventually on your own. Open to all levels, and wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to balance upside down with ease.

This 75 minute pole dance class is open to all levels. Class will begin with a warmup, lead students through some dance games to get your brains working, and then into choreography on the pole and the floor get your body moving. Some weeks could be contemporary, some exotic, some alien movements, each week a different style — instructor's choice!

This 75min long full body Pilates based class with whip your booty (and the rest of you) into shape. Isolated singles and sequences of movement tone, lengthen and increase the flexibility of all major muscle groups. Sticky socks optional. Open to all levels!

This 75 minute class is open to all levels, and is the perfect class for students who love to dance. Develop your own pole style with our guided choreography and dance games. Basic pole tricks will be taught on static and spin pole, and then used in a variety of different ways to get you moving and thinking outside of your pole patterns. Bring shoes or wear bare feet — this class is for you to explore your own personality on the pole.

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