Maryna Koroleva and Mændy MacFarland are excited to share the studio with you! Their mission is to deliver quality pole dance and fitness instruction to all humans, creating a safe space for learning and personal growth through pole!

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Maryna Koroleva


Maryna Korolova is a Pollerina with a Ukrainian Pole dance background. A former circus performer, her acrobatics and gymnastics skills are apparent in her Pole dance technique.

A passionate performer and instructor, Maryna is eager to share her knowledge, skills, and love of aerial arts with everybody who is already on the path or willing to be there with us, those who love challenges, adventures and have the desire to break the limits and find a Pole in the Wall! Let’s grow wings and fly on a pole with us and our inspiring instructors!

You can follow Maryna on Instagram at @marinapollerinamk.

Mændy MacFarland


Mændy MacFarland is an aerial performer, dance, flexibility and pole fitness instructor.

She performed professionally with the modern dance companies Clark Dance Theatre and Soma Dance Company, and was a founding member of the Beat City Beauties Burlesque Troupe. As a competitive pole dancer, Mændy has won medals for her performance and choreography at PSO and USPDF competitions since 2015.

Mændy has a degree in Dance, she is certified to teach pole and flexibility from the elevatED training at Body & Pole in NYC, and she is also the Artistic Director of a circus performance troupe called Cirque To Go. She is very excited to share her love of dance and movement with everyone at Pole in the Wall!

You can follow Mændy on Instagram at @maendymac.

Paulina Alenkina


Paulina’s pole career has started in 2014 with an introductory class taught by Makeda Agada at the London Academy of Pole. She is the gold medalist at the Division 3 Northeast Pole Championships 2016.

Paulina trains with the 2015 National Pole Champion Maggie Ann at Paradigm Pole Fitness in Worcester and in MyPoleSpace studio in St Petersbourg, Russia. Paulina has also trained in studios in Moscow, Tokyo and Paris. She is a founding member of the UMASS Dynamic Motion Dance Team.

You can follow Paulina on Instagram at @russianamericanpoler.

Kalisha Savage


Kalisha Savage is an avid lover of all forms of dance. She has dabbled in different forms of dance since 5 years old: Ballet, acro, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance, various ballroom styles, pole, Lyra, silks, Zumba, and she also loves Linedancing!

She started pole dancing 5 years ago when her best friend took her to her first class at Barre and Pole and she fell in love. She has also taken full semesters of Lyra Level 1&2 from Show Circus Studio, performed in a Lyra competition at Momentum and performed in a NY 2018 US Pole dance Championship. She is certified by Pole Moves which is approved by Pole Fitness Alliance, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, and American Council on Exercise.

She will bring out the dancer you never knew you had inside you!

You can follow Kalisha on Instagram at @dancegoddess86.

Alyssa Cori


Alyssa Cori has been a dance instructor for over 10 years. She has a passion for moving and has been inspired by a multitude of genres including ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. You can also find her with a hula hoop as a self-taught hoop dancer and fire dancer! Alyssa earned her BA in Dance Education and loves to teach others. She has worked on many dance projects including choreographing for a music video and managing a hula-hoop performance troop. For Alyssa, dance has always been therapeutic and the best escape from everyday craziness. It is her purpose to be able to share that magic with those who are curious to learn.

You can follow Alyssa on Instagram at @alyssa__cori.

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